School bus crash: Video captures horrifying moment pupils are hit by car racing at 110mph | US News


Shocking video released by US police captures the moment pupils get flung across their school bus, as it is hit by a car officers believe was racing another at up to 110mph.

The footage released by police in Albuquerque, New Mexico shows 23 middle-school children (aged around 11- 13 years) chatting happily inside the bus – then suddenly start screaming.

A white car races straight at them.

All the children can then be seen being flung in the air and thrown across the bus as it gets knocked over on its side.

According to ABC local media, the horrifying moment happened on 23 February in southwest Albuquerque at about 4pm as the children travelled home.

Police on Wednesday released the footage to try to help their investigation into exactly what happened.

Driver charged

The bus driver reportedly told police he was on his normal route when the vehicle was suddenly struck at a junction.

There were 23 children on board at the time of the crash. Seven were taken to the hospital, Albuquerque local TV reported. Two of them were severely injured.

In the video, police officers and bystanders can be heard attempting to comfort the students, including one with a broken leg.

Passers-by nearby ran to help.

A statement from Albuquerque police said: “Through the on-scene investigation it was learned that a white Ford Mustang was racing a blue Ford Mustang.

“One witness estimated they hit speeds of approximately 110 miles per hour. The posted speed limit for the area of the crash is 40 miles per hour. “

A man has been charged with two counts of “great bodily harm with a vehicle”.

This crash happened just hours after the Albuquerque Police Department announced a new pilot programme to target drivers speeding and racing on city streets.


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