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College graduation is one of the most awaited times in a student’s life and when it finally comes up it becomes the biggest most exciting time for students. After all the years of study ad endeavours are paying off and the student sat last would be called scholars or graduates.

The graduation point is that phase of a student’s life when they are free to choose from a great number of alternatives available to them and pave their life paths. However, for many candidates this means starting a career right away, whereas, for others, it simply means some time off for travelling, partying or let alone taking a gap from work. 

Nonetheless, sooner or later there comes a time in every student’s life when they have to decide what they are supposed to do with their degrees and how they should start their careers. 

This is something that requires rigorous thought and prior planning since it is not a school project where students can have British dissertation help based at the eleventh hour and they would be good. (Herald, 2020)

After graduation, whatever a student’s plan to do or eventually end up doing is something on which their entire lives are dependent. Therefore, they should choose wisely what their degree can be used for. 

What students can do after their graduation?

It is not necessary for the students to stick to one area of education or find jobs in the same discipline they gave studied for their graduation.

It is important to understand that the degree obtained is one of the many valuable assets a candidate brings with them to their future career. However, taking a look at some potential career opportunities can be helpful for generating ideas that might havenot crossed the candidate’s mind. 

According to multiple findings, there are a great number of ideas to opt for after graduation for example; (Indeed, n.d.)

  1. Continue studying
  2. Opt for Research Assistantship 
  3. Do an internship or a Job.

However apart from that the most concerning that the students come across is what they are supposed to study and all of the other things come after that. 

Higher studies have become quite common now. It is not like the olden times when education was limited to high school only. Gradually people started shifting from high school to graduation and now over time, they are opting for post-graduation.

People are now indulging in further education like post-graduation and also choosing doctoral positions. People enrol their kids or themselves mostly in the schools and colleges that are offering either exactly what subject they want to study or the subject that is near their preferences. Yet it gets challenging when choosing a major field. 

The process of selecting a course for yourself or your kid can be pretty challenging and daunting. It involves heavy labour of gathering information about different colleges and universities offering the subject and it asks for waking up early in the morning, visiting different campuses, looking for answers to a million questions one has, and trying to comprehend the overwhelming amount of information obtained from each university.

Statistics of students selecting the majors and their issues

  • 51 per cent of students are not confident in their chosen career path.
  • Almost two-thirds of students feel overwhelmed by the process of selecting a major.
  • 68 per cent of generation Z and 65 per cent of millennials feel the most stress
  • 18 per cent found their schools to be less than helpful in guiding majors.
  • One in three students are not sure which major they should choose

Subjects to study to land reputable jobs in 2023

There are a few subjects that can help students to have rewarding degrees and ultimately land a reputable job; for example; 

Digital Marketing 

Digital Marketing is quite prevailing in the industry now more than ever since the emphasis of any business nowadays is to get as many customers as possible and for this marketing holds the important key to attracting prospective customers and converting them into leads, then into loyal customers.

The reason behind it is really simple. The world has entered the digital age and this is not the case today but from 2020 mainly because of the emergence of COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic forced the world to online shift. And, this has made businesses transition to digital marketing so that they can sustain themselves in the fast-paced changing world. (TheGreatLearning, 2022)


The emergence of COVID-19 had a lethal impact on all of the world, caused a slingshot surge in the demand for medical workers. Since these medical workers are the ones who could take care of the infected people in the appropriate manner so that they can recover quickly. Along with recovery, the medical workers also help the patients and their attendees to take the required precautionary measure to prevent the disease from spreading.


Sociology is the study of human behaviour which included things like how social groups are formed, how humans interact in the, and they change or modify over time. These understandings about human behaviour are gauged by using scientific methods and mathematical representation by sociologists to measure the level of variance in each social group.


Psychology is the study of the mental behaviour of individuals and their cognitive processes. In this study field, psychologists study the human brain to understand and measure the information obtained through emotional and behavioural outcomes of people in different scenarios.

Psychology has other extensive studies as well which includes;

  • Human behaviour
  • Animal behaviour
  • Cognition
  • Sensation and perceptions
  • Psychological development
  • Trauma and Resilience

Corporate Finance 

Anyone who excels in quantitative data analysis help UK and wants a stable professional path can choose a job in corporate finance.

Many industries go through boom and bust cycles. However, because corporate finance positions are dispersed over a number of industries, it is doubtful that they will be automated out of existence or vanish during a recession.

You will probably work in a conventional office environment with a 9–5 work schedule. You will therefore typically have the weekends, vacations, and evenings to yourself.

Other interesting and rewarding fields to be selected this year would be Computer Engineering, Actuarial Science, Computer Science