Analogue to Digital Transformation of the Entertainment Industry – Scooptimes

In the last few decades, there has been a shift in the world of entertainment. Before, we used to remember the time of a show or movie so that we wouldn’t miss it. Now, everything is just one click away from us. We call this change “Analog to Digital Transformation”, and it has been a big deal in the world of entertainment.

This article is all about taking a look at the journey from old-fashioned entertainment to digital entertainment, as according to USA Tales experts.

1. The Big Change in Entertainment

If we rewind into the past few decades, we will find a whole different type of entertainment from what it is in today’s time. Let’s take a closer look at this.

1.1. The Time When Entertainment Was Different

Ask your parents, and they will tell you the difference between today’s entertainment and how it used to be. They will tell you how they used to listen to the music on those shiny CDs, rewind tapes, and put on vinyl records.

How their family used to gather around the television and wait eagerly for their favorite shows to broadcast at a specific time. In the end, they will definitely say, “those were the days!”.

1.2. How We Adapted to the New Digital World

In life, change is very necessary, but some changes are so big that they flip our lives upside down. The same happened with the entertainment industry when digital technology was introduced to the world around 1986.

However, not many people had access to digital entertainment until 2007. After that everyone had the power to just listen to their favourite music and watch their favorite movies in just one click with the help of the internet.

2. The Internet that Changed Everything

This change wouldn’t happen if it weren’t for the internet. We all can agree that the internet has played a huge role in this shift in entertainment. Let’s have a look at that also.

2.1. Changing How Entertainment Gets to You

If you are someone from the 1980s, it would be so unimaginable for you to see how you can just click and watch your favorite show or listen to your favourite music. Platforms like Netflix and Spotify took the center in the entertainment world.

And the internet is what made all this possible for us. Now, anyone from anywhere around the world can enjoy the same music, movies, and shows.

2.2. An Opportunity for Everyone to Become a Star

14 February, 2005 was the golden day for every one of us. This was the time when YouTube was launched and provided the opportunity for everyone to become famous. You don’t need to be a star child or belong to Hollywood. This platform gives the advantage to everyone around the world to showcase their talent and make their fan following.

3. The Future of Entertainment

There’s a term “Artificial Intelligence” you would have heard buzzing around. This is the future of entertainment. AI is helping in various industries, including entertainment.

Just give instructions to platforms like AIVA and SoundFull, and they will provide you with music or videos based on that.

AI is super smart, as it can also write stories and even paint pictures. No doubt, AI will play a crucial role in the future of entertainment.

Take Away

There’s no doubt that entertainment has changed a lot. From those shiny CDs to the streaming platforms like Netflix. Now, there’s a whole new world of opportunities for everyone to create their own kingdom by just showcasing your talent. If we talk about the future of entertainment, it looks so exciting as AI is going to play a crucial role in it. Things are going to get cooler than they are already.