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Bonus rounds are a key element of gambling. People play not only because they love games, but also because they like the various bonuses that can be won under certain circumstances. In most games, bonuses are special segments that allow you to win a larger reward than regular segments. When a player gets to such a segment, it stimulates him to continue playing with a total respect of the social gaming responsability. This also breaks the monotony, sets a rhythm and allows you to enjoy the full range of sensations and experiences from the bonuses received.

The Role of Bonus Rounds

Bonuses are also an integral part of the game’s story. Without them, a deeper understanding of the game, its history, and themes is impossible. To be lucky enough to receive bonuses, many players study the game thoroughly and also think through their strategies in advance.

And let’s not forget that bonus rounds are social interaction, gaming activity and a dynamic component of the game that allows you to enjoy the game from start to finish. Using bonuses in the Crazy Time casino game as an example, we will look at how bonuses work and how they improve the overall gameplay for each player, whether he is a beginner or an expert.

Coin Flip Bonus Round

The Coin Flip bonus round is one of the most popular bonuses in the Crazy Time game. Very easy to understand, but at the same time a great bonus if you need some more adrenaline and excitement.

How does the Coin Flip bonus work? Everything is very simple:

  • The bonus round Coin Flip begins when the spinning wheel is activated after the host starts to spin it.
  • On the wheel, among all the segments, there is also a Coin Flip segment, which unlocks participation in the bonus.
  • When the wheel lands on the Coin Flip segment, the player can make an additional bet on heads or tails.
  • The next step is actually the tossing coin. After this, the final result becomes known. If the result matches the side of the coin chosen by the player, then he receives a prize.

The prize usually depends on how much the player bets. Winning is usually a 1:1 odds, meaning the player doubles his original bet.

After the bonus round has ended, the game of Crazy Time continues as usual.

Why is the Coin Flip bonus attractive? It’s certainly because of the excitement that it gives to every player independently of the experience. Many players are developing special strategies on how to get into the segment with the Coin Flip bonus. For example, you start playing as usual, and then observe the probability of the bonus round, so that you can then bet on it at the right time.

Pachinko Bonus Round

Another exciting bonus in the Crazy Time game is Pachinko Bonus. This bonus round is inspired by the traditional Japanese arcade game, Pachinko, which consists of a combination of chance and excitement. This kind of inspiration is very popular in the gaming industry, for example the recent tribute to the nintendo engineer.

If a player gets Pachinko bonus during his game, there will be a gigantic multi-tiered vertical board. At the top of the board the host of the game drops a puck, and a puck goes down through a series of pegs, bouncing off obstacles and landing in designated payout slots at the bottom of the board. Following these slots, the players will have different multipliers, which will allow them to win. 

The players like Pachinko bonus first of all for its thrilling blend of unpredictability and suspense, which makes a standout feature for the Crazy Time game, which constantly new players and creates a lot of fun for those who are already used to playing. The fusion of a traditional game and modern online casino technologies makes this bonus round something outstanding and really exciting. 

Crazy Time Bonus Round

Last and the most important bonus in the Crazy Time game is the Crazy Time bonus round. The Crazy Time bonus offers to all players of the thrilling live casino game a pinnacle of excitement. Lasting around 30 seconds, the bonus allows every player to have very bg multipliers and win really big. Players have to bet on their preferred segment of the spinning wheel. Each segment has its own multiplier value from very small to colossal ones reaching as high as 10 000x the amount of the initial bet. 

The Crazy Time bonus is the main game’s bonus, which offers a lot of adrenaline to players who wish to win big and make an unbelievable moment of their game experience !


If you are looking for a game that offers a very nice opportunity to play and to win real money, Crazy Time is made for you! The most important is to understand the basic rules, try to play once to see how the gameflow is made. And once you get the basics, make your own strategies, bet on different bonuses and have fun!

Don’t be afraid to explore the possibilities of different bonus rounds. It only can improve your game experience and allow you to win more. Every bonus round is composed from comprehensible elements, all you need is to understand how it works and bet!