Carrying bag for dogs. What characteristics should it have?

Carrying bag for dogs. What characteristics should it have?

For any owner of a four-legged pet, the comfort and safety of the animal should be an absolute advantage! This is very relevant when you take your dog to a new, unknown place, on a long trip or even to the vet.

Long walks can also be tiring for your pet. In such situations, a convenient carrying bag is considered an excellent solution, which allows the dog to relax or even fall asleep.

A convenient carrying bag is a necessary thing that every owner of a small dog should have! This functional accessory guarantees the comfort of your pet and will allow you to transport it safely.

Advantages of dog carrier bags

A bag for a dog is indispensable in most cases. It is suitable not only for long walks and trips, but also, let’s say, for shopping trips. Convenient for the owner and convenient for the pet, the bag will prove useful in many situations, taking care of the easy and safe transportation of our pet.

By nature, dogs feel safe in places where they can hide from possible dangers. They are happy to choose secluded corners where you can relax. A comfortable bag is associated in the dog with a safe and comfortable space where it is protected from danger. By carrying the dog in a bag designed specifically for it, you can eliminate the stress of your pet, for example, from being in an unfamiliar place or contact with unfamiliar people. Nowadays, it is very easy to buy a carrier bag for dogs, the main thing is to know exactly what you want from it, the size of your pet and other parameters that we will write about in our article.

Which bag for dogs to choose?

You should not carry a small dog in your bag, for example, in a woman’s purse. Classic carrier bags are not intended for transporting dogs, so you can hardly expect them to be comfortable for your pet. The bag should correspond to the size of our pet so that he can sit comfortably and feel safe.

Another important factor is the quality of the bag. Since the bag will probably be used in many situations, it is necessary to choose one that can withstand each trip intact and will not lose its functionality even after many uses. A good dog bag should be made of high-quality materials that are resistant to wear, tear and scratches. Thanks to strong materials, it will be able to serve your pet even for a long time.

Many types of fabrics tend to catch hair, due to which the material quickly loses its beautiful appearance and requires cleaning. Good dog bags are made from fabrics that do not trap fur. It’s easier to keep them clean.

When choosing a bag for dogs, you need to look carefully at whether it has additional functions. For example, there can be a multifunctional pocket for your pet’s accessories. This pocket is convenient for storing useful items such as a leash or dog treats.

A practical bag equipped with practical items will be good in many situations. Thanks to it, you can take your pet with you anywhere and not be afraid that the animal will feel uncomfortable. Such a bag will make life easier for every owner of a small dog! Its additional advantage is that it is comfortable to wear – the bag is made in the form of a letterman’s bag, due to which the user has free hands and can perform any actions. The well-thought-out design of the bag, the wide shoulder strap does not pinch when carrying.

How to choose a carrier for a dog?

Any dog owner at some point has to travel with his pet by his side. Tram, city bus, train, car, plane – dogs are welcome on many types of transport, so we will tell you how to create a safe, pleasant and cozy space for your beloved pet to travel. Are you ready for work?

How to ensure safety when traveling with a dog?

Exploring the world with your dog by your side is a great experience for both you and your pet. The key to success is keeping your dog safe and comfortable on the trip – after all, it’s well known that many pets at home find traveling by car, bus or tram very stressful, and most of them also suffer from motion sickness. Sudden braking, shocks, shaking, a rapid change in the situation outside the window – these are the greatest sufferings when traveling by various modes of transport. You, as the guardian, must provide the dog with a safe space for trips and make sure that all types of trips cause him to associate only with positive experiences.

Carrying dogs in the car – why should it be done?

When it comes to traveling by car with your own dog, most guardians opt for a mat and specialized seat belts attached to the harness. However, this common solution has a number of disadvantages – it is only suitable for calm dogs, does not ensure absolute safety of the dog and is not suitable for traveling by train, bus or plane. This is where a dog carrier helps – a discovery that makes traveling with your pet much easier. The carrier makes it possible to create a safe space for the dog, where he will feel comfortable, and is also the most convenient option for the owner – the dog does not “walk around the car”, the carrier can be fastened with a seat belt (thanks to it, the animal feels less shocks and sudden braking) and moved from one place to another. You can also put a blanket and your dog’s favorite toy in the carrier, which will give him the opportunity to feel safe and make the trip more pleasant with familiar smells.

Types of dog carriers

There are many different types of dog carriers on the market, depending on the size and needs of your dog. It can take the form of a bag, cage, container or basket. To make them, various materials are used, from plastic to weaving, fabric and metal. As for their design, the ones that have mesh or cells on each side, including the top, are great. This ensures good ventilation and steam removal. In the pet store offers, you can find both basic carrying options and enriched with various conveniences, for example, bowls for water and food or pockets for dog trinkets.

How do I choose the right size carrier for my dog?

The first step in choosing the right carrier size is to carefully measure your dog. The carrier should be large enough for the dog to fit in and move around, because no one likes to travel in a tight space where they can’t move. Your dog should also have plenty of room to lie down and sit – this will make the trip very comfortable for him. It is also important that the transfer is not too big – then the dog will hit its walls during the trip. Air circulation is another important issue – completely closed, built-in carry limits air flow, so the dog can feel stressed and nervous, and traveling in the carry can be associated with bad thoughts, so we should make sure that the model we choose has mesh details . .

Great carry for dogs

An excellent solution for medium and large dogs is a box or container that can be securely fastened to the back seat. For dogs of average size, a carry on wheels, similar to a suitcase, is suitable. A box for transporting a dog should be easy to fold and light. It is important to remember that the dog must feel comfortable in the carrier, so when buying, carefully check the dimensions and remember that not every dog will fit in the carrier – don’t force it! Can you imagine a Tibetan Mastiff in a container? There is no such option!

Car carrier for small dogs

In the case of small breeds, we have more room for maneuver. A Yorkie, Shih Tzu, or Maltese will feel comfortable both in a soft bag with a wide, soft bottom, and in a cage or container. Everything may depend on the wishes of your pet and the duration of the trip. The bag is considered an excellent option for moving around the city and for very short distances – the lack of a rigid structure significantly affects safety in the event of a collision. For long trips of a couple of hours, a much better (and much safer!) solution would be a cage or container fastened to the seat with safety belts – the dog will be able to stretch out freely, and shocks and sharp turns will not frighten it.

How to secure a dog carrier in a car?

The carrier must be placed sideways to the direction of travel, some carriers sold in stores have specialized buckles that allow you to attach the carrier to the vehicle’s seat belts. But if the model we bought does not have such buckles, you should fasten yourself as a passenger – with waist and shoulder belts. Just don’t put the carrier on the floor between the front and back seats – this is a serious danger to your dog in an emergency!

The carrier opens from above

When buying a carrier, make sure that it opens not only from the side, but also from the top – it is much more difficult for the dog to escape from the top, and he is more willing to enter through the side entrances. This functional solution will also give you the opportunity to quickly start or remove the animal from the carrier during an unexpected stop.

Dog carrier for airplanes

Traveling with a dog is not just a car trip. Sometimes it is necessary to take an animal on board the plane. What does it really look like? First of all, it should be noted that low-cost airlines do not carry dogs on board the airliner, except for guide dogs traveling with passengers who need assistance. Regular companies allow you to travel with a dog on board, but the weight of the dog together with the container must not exceed 8 kg, and the container must fit under the seat (dimensions 55 x 40 x 23 cm). They also offer the option of traveling with your pet as cargo, in which case the dog travels in its own container in the air-conditioned luggage compartment. It is important that the transfer must comply with the requirements set out in the IATA (International Air Transport Association) Regulations for the Carriage of Live Animals. (the dog must have plenty of room to move freely), and all closing mechanisms must be fully functional.

Holder for dogs on a bicycle

Your pet can also accompany you on a bike ride! They are almost always baskets with a mesh dome on top, with the function of attaching a short leash, which can be attached either to the steering wheel or to the carry (depending on the weight of the dog). It should be noted that these solutions are suitable for small dogs weighing no more than 12 kg – very large dogs simply will not fit in the carrier.

Backpack for carrying dogs

A great option for hiking or just moving around the city with a dog – carrying it in the form of a backpack. It is suitable for dogs weighing up to 10-12 kg and provides the caregiver with free hands and is much less tiring than carrying a dog in the arms. Carrier backpacks are made of light and breathable fabrics, they also have mesh openings for ventilation and a window that allows you to keep an eye on your dog and ensures free air circulation. The stable frame ensures the safety of the dog and the comfort of carrying it during the trip.

Dog carrier bag 10 kg

Carrying 2 in 1 — a backpack and a bag for safe transportation of a dog, cat, rabbit weighing up to ten kilograms.

In the production of the bag, the Trixie company used high quality materials that are safe for our pet. The entire bag is made of excellent quality polyester. The medium has two inputs. The main entrance is large, closes with a zipper and is located on top of the bag. The second entrance is a small mesh insert that also closes with a zipper. This entrance is for small dogs only.

The upper part of the carrying case has metal reinforcement on all sides, which guarantees the stability of its shape when fastening and unfastening the bag. In addition, the bottom is rigidly fixed with a special insert, which will ensure safety and comfort of use. The insert made of strong, well-made mesh is responsible for air circulation inside, so our pet feels comfortable during the trip. In addition, the carrier has two pockets on both sides where you can store our dog’s small accessories.

The backpack is also equipped with a special nylon belt, which will make it possible to transport the animal by car. The car seat belt must be tightened in the appropriate place (between the nylon belt and the rear wall of the carrier) so that the carrier is stationary.

For the safety of our pet, there is a short leash inside the backpack that prevents him from jumping out, thanks to which the carry can be opened in an emergency, and the pet will still not be able to leave the carry. The inner part of the backpack is made of a slippery material, which allows you to clean it quickly and without problems. Simply wipe off any marks or dirt with a damp cloth.

The main characteristics of the backpack:

  • made of durable polyester
  • mesh insert provides proper air circulation and visibility
  • continuously adjustable shoulder straps.
  • handles like those of a carrying bag
  • a short leash inside so that the dog does not have the opportunity to jump out
  • two pockets on both sides
  • a specialized nylon belt makes it possible to fasten the backpack in the car


  • the bottom of the backpack with a soft removable insert
  • top and front access holes
  • bag and backpack in one
  • suitable for transporting dogs, cats, rabbits weighing up to ten kilograms.

External dimensions:

  • length: 32 cm
  • width: 22 cm
  • height: 42 cm

Internal dimensions:

  • Length: 30.5 cm
  • Width: 20 cm
  • height: about 36 cm