Comprehensive Guide To Greece’s Residency By Investment Program – Scooptimes

Greece launched its Residency by Investment Program in 2013, allowing investors to gain residency rights through the purchase of real estate or a business investment. 

The program has become increasingly popular among investors seeking a foothold in Europe. Greece offers a high quality of life, visa-free EU access from a strategic Mediterranean location.

Here is an overview of Greece residency by investment program on MigrateWorld:

Investment Options

There are two investment routes:

1) Real Estate Investment – The minimum is €250,000 for property in Greece. The property must be retained for a minimum 3 years.

2) Business Investment – Investing a minimum €250,000 in an eligible Greek company, bank deposit, government bonds, or real estate investment fund. The funds must be retained 3+ years.

Application Process

The application process is a critical aspect of various life events and opportunities, such as applying for jobs, educational programs, visas, loans, or grants. It’s a structured procedure that allows organizations and institutions to assess candidates and select the most qualified individuals. In this article, we’ll explore the general components and key steps involved in the application process.

1. Research and Preparation: Before starting an application, it’s essential to research the opportunity thoroughly. This may involve investigating the organization, program, or institution offering the opportunity. Understand the eligibility criteria, requirements, and deadlines. Preparation may include collecting documents, creating a resume or curriculum vitae, and drafting a personal statement or cover letter.

2. Online or Paper Application: The application process can be either online or paper-based, depending on the organization’s preferences. Online applications have become more common due to their convenience and efficiency. Paper applications may still be used for specific cases, such as government forms or specialized programs.

After selecting a property or investment that meets the minimum, applicants submit documentation including birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, medical exam, and proof of health insurance. 

The process takes around 2 months, with an in-person interview required in Greece. Residency is granted for 5 years initially.

Key Migrateworld Services for Greek residency by investment include:

– Visa-free access to 26 Schengen Area countries 

– Residency extended to spouse and dependent children

– Low physical presence required – just one visit the first year

– Scenic Mediterranean climate and lifestyle

– High-quality healthcare and education

– Strategic base to do business in the EU

– Pathway to EU citizenship after 7 years

There is no requirement to renounce your current citizenship or reside full-time in Greece. The program offers freedom of movement and establishment in the EU.


Residents are expected to pay full Greece taxes, with rates from 22-45% depending on income. Consult an adviser regarding double taxation treaties with your home country.

Ideal Applicants

The Greek residency program best suits:

– Entrepreneurs seeking an EU base of operations 

– Families looking for security, options and high living standards

– Pensioners who want to retire by the Mediterranean

– Digital nomads who can work remotely

– Those aiming for eventual EU citizenship

Greece offers a top quality of life among EU nations. For investors who can meet the real estate or business investment requirements, residency rights provide an appealing gateway to Europe.

With strategic planning, the Greece residency by investment program offers the opportunity to establish yourself in the EU through a financially secure investment.