Cost of living: No emergency budget and Boris Johnson’s hints at announcement ‘over interpreted’, Michael Gove says | Politics News


The government will not be bringing forward an emergency budget in light of the cost of living crisis, but “will be saying more and doing more to help people”, Michael Gove has said.

Responding to the government’s Queen’s Speech on Tuesday, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer claimed the government was “bereft of ideas” as the nation heads towards a “stagflation crisis”.

In response, Boris Johnson replied: “We will continue to use all our ingenuity and compassion for as long as it takes and the chancellor and I will be saying more about this in the days to come.”

But a Treasury spokesman said immediately after the PM’s comments that there would be no emergency budget.

Speaking to Sky News on Wednesday, the levelling up secretary said Mr Johnson’s words were “over interpreted”.

Asked whether the PM or Treasury spokesperson were correct, Mr Gove added: “They’re both right and there won’t be an emergency budget.”


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