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Renovating your home is one of those tasks that you dread but also enjoy along the way. From redoing your walls to scraping up your tiles, there is certainly a lot to be done. Flooring is also really important when it comes to enhancing the overall aesthetic of your home, which is why you must pay close attention when deciding between flooring types, color palettes, textures, and more. 

Easier said than done right? That is why we are dedicating this article to providing you with a comprehensive guideline to choosing the perfect floor for your home and show you the ins and outs of the entire process.   

Understanding The Choices You Have To Make 

The first step is to be aware of all the choices you have to make when redoing your floors. These include flooring types, colors, and textures and each category has plenty to offer.  It is important to be well-informed before making any final decision as you don’t want to go with something that will not necessarily fulfill your need in the long run. 

You should also be mindful about other choices with regard to installation, maintenance, budgeting and more. So, without further or due, let’s begin to explore the choices you have to make when it comes to flooring. 

Choosing a floor type 

You won’t have problems finding something you like when it comes to flooring as there are a lot of options to choose from. Generally, people prefer hardwood floors due to their elegance and longevity. However, you should know that hardwood floors are more expensive and must be constantly maintained. 

On the other hand, you can opt in for laminate flooring. Such floors are easy to clean, can be replaced seamlessly if damaged, and come in a variety of choices. Vinyl flooring is also a popular option. This type of floor is known for its resistance to water, making it a perfect choice for areas in the home where moisture levels are high.  

Carpet flooring is also a popular choice and making a comeback as of recent. Such floors allow for a soft and warm surface beneath your feet at all times. Although, it must be mentioned that such floors can wear overtime and are harder to clean. 

Choosing a floor texture

Textures are also important when it comes to floors as they can add a nice finish to the overall finished product. Smooth floors are flat and and even, which means that they can easily be maintained and also offer a modern look. 

On the flip side, distressed floors purposefully contain imperfection to achieve a more rugged and vintage look. Similarly, wire-brushed wood is a type of  texture found in wooden floors where the wood is brushed to achieve a worn and somewhat retro look. 

You can also opt in for textured wood grain, which is a type of texture that imitates the natural look of wood. This type of texture is usually incorporated in vinyl or laminate flooring. 

Choosing a color palette 

Choosing a color palette for your floors is very important and determines what your overall home appeal will be. Neutral palettes such as beige and gray are always in high demand. You can also go with warm wood tones like honey oak or deep walnut. 

On the other hand, lighter wood colors that are achieved through whitewashing or bleaching wood are also a great choice as they allow for a more open feel to the entire home. Earthy tones are also quite popular and include colors such as muted greens, warm browns, and clay red. 

Working With Professionals 

Working with professionals is greatly important when remodeling your home floors. Partnering with experts allows you to get your money’s worth. They provide guidance throughout the entire process and work closely with you to make sure that everything is completed within budget. 

If you’re looking for flooring services in Sacramento, you cannot go wrong with the professional crew over at Radix. Additionally, firms specialized in flooring can also help you choose the perfect flooring options for your home by walking you through the available options and showing you different models that they may have completed in other projects as a point of reference.

Key Takeaways

Remodeling your floors is a process that certainly requires its own time and dedication. Before you make any decision on what you want your floors to look like, consider all options available and seek work with experienced pros to ensure that you make the right choice. Take your time when reviewing flooring types, textures, and color palettes and opt in for something that more closely represents and matches your original idea.