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What’s an Indian kitchen without an early morning whistle of the pressure cooker? While this cookware has been existence since the 17th century, the age-old cooking technique, pressure cooking, has seen a great evolution, adding value to its users. But despite it being a popular kitchen item, many of us tend to buy a cooker that doesn’t fit our requirements, mainly because there are so many options that make it difficult to choose the right one. If you’re on your quest to find the best cooker ever, these tips will come to your rescue, we assure you.

Tips to Buy the Right Cooker

  • Choose the Correct Size

Pressure cookers come in many sizes, and hence, choosing the right size is one of the most important things. But how do you determine the size? Factors to consider when choosing the size are the number of people you will be cooking for, how often you will cook, and what you will be making. Here is a size guide for your reference:

  • If you have a family of 4 or 5 and you cook regularly, then a 3 to 5 litre pressure cooker is ideal.
  • If you have a larger family of more than 5 people, then the size range required will be 6 to 8 litres cooker.
  • If you are using it predominantly for making baby food or cooking only for yourself, then 1 to 2 litres should be ideal.

Size is a critical factor in purchasing a pressure cooker, as it directly affects the quantity of food, time, the fuel you’ll be using to cook your food, and also cleaning and maintaining the cooker.

  • Pressure Cooker Material

Generally, pressure cookers are made in aluminium, however, the demand of this material for the cookware particularly has faded over the years. The fairly new kid on the block, triply stainless steel, which is a fusion of a fast heat-conducting core and stainless steel. It is a popular material for pressure cookers as it offers durability, aesthetic value, and ease of use. Stainless steel is also non-reactive and suitable for the Indian style of cooking. It is also corrosion-resistant and can be easily maintained. Plus, you can clean it easily with hand or in the dishwasher; it is dishwasher safe, too.

  • Choose an Established Manufacturer

Even the best pressure cooker will wear out eventually, and some parts may need to be replaced. For instance, the gaskets last for about 24 months, after which you may need to replace them. So do the small parts, like the safety valve. Purchasing a pressure cooker from an established manufacturer assures a warranty and easy access to spare parts when needed. A confirmed warranty allows you to replace the parts free of charge too. Therefore, choose a manufacturer who has a good reputation in the market and provides customer-centric, useful, and prompt service.

  • Cooktop Compatibility

If you have multiple types of cooktops, you should check if the pressure cooker you buy is compatible with them. For instance, not all stainless steel pressure cookers are induction top compatible; if you plan to cook using it, buy a cooker that is has greater compatibility with induction tops as well as gas stoves.

Other Features to Look For:

  • Choose a cooker with an easy opening and closing mechanism, like an outerlid cooker.
  • Select a pressure cooker which ensures proper safety and efficient cooking.
  • Check the warranty the manufacturer offers.
  • Choose high-quality stainless steel cooker.
  • When buying a big cooker, choose one that has handles on both sides so that it is easy to lift.

Think about your cooking needs, your budget, the cooker’s energy efficiency, and its safety features before making a purchase. Finding the ideal appliance for your kitchen requires comparison and research before you get it. But these tips will also help you make an informed decision.