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The average person hears commercials all the time for personal injury lawyers and even criminal attorneys. But, while these types of attorneys are what most people are familiar with, they aren’t the only types of lawyers out there. One of the types of legal professionals that you may need to work with during your life may include a real estate attorney. Since you may not be as familiar with this type of attorney, you may have many questions, including the types of services they offer and if you should expect to pay a real estate attorney consultation fee if you need to sit down and meet with one. Here are some of the frequently asked questions you may have about real estate lawyers and consultations, along with the answers.

What Types of Legal Issues Can a Real Estate Attorney Assist With?

A real estate lawyer can help with many elements of real estate. Some attorneys help with one specific situation, while others are more diverse and may help with many different types of real estate cases. A real estate attorney can help real estate agents prepare their legal documents, ensuring the documents they have clients sign are legal and binding. A real estate lawyer can work with a home seller to ensure all of their documents are legally binding as well.

They can also advise home sellers on topics ranging from selling a home as-is to what things they legally have to disclose to potential buyers. A real estate attorney can look over a contract that a potential buyer may receive prior to signing it. They can help with buying negotiations, and they can help with disputes that may arise during and after the buying process. Lastly, a real estate attorney can help buyers who may be in the pre-foreclosure phase prior to their home being foreclosed on.

Why Should You Have a Consultation With a Real Estate Attorney?

Real estate situations can be complicated and complex, and no two cases are the same. As such, you should have a consultation with a real estate attorney to get advise on your specific situation. They can sit down with you and discuss your specific situation and what they can do to assist in your specific situation. A consultation is also your opportunity to interview the attorney and ensure you want to work together prior to actually retaining them to assist with your case.

Should You Expect to Pay a Consultation Fee For The Meeting?

If you schedule a consultation with a real estate attorney, you should expect to pay a real estate attorney consultation fee. Lawyers are taking time out of their day to meet with you and provide you with legal advice, and that’s why they charge this fee. Always ask the law firm how much they charge for a consultation and how long the consultation is, so you know what to expect and how much you will be charged.

Both home buyers and home sellers can benefit from hiring a real estate attorney, as can realtors. An attorney can look over all the contracts, help settle disputes, help if you’re behind on your payments, or help answer any questions you may have about listing your home prior to it being listed. If you’re preparing to buy or sell a home, or have other questions about a unique legal situation with your home, you should reach out to a local real estate attorney and schedule a consultation to discuss the specifics of your case and find out how they can legally help you out in that particular situation.