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Counter-Strike is popular in the gaming community by its name and gameplay. The game isn’t difficult to play as you can play it with a few keyboard buttons. It is essentially running and shooting while you also have to complete certain objectives to win rounds. If you aren’t getting good at CS: GO, follow these tips from our experts.

1.  Adjust Settings

Downloading and installing the game is just the start, as you have to make various adjustments before finally playing the game. The first step is to adjust the game settings. You should start by choosing the right crosshair and crosshair color. Then, move to adjust the mouse sensitivity and screen resolution. Making these adjustments will help you quickly adjust your aim, and you can become a better player.

2.  Start Playing

Once the settings are tweaked, start playing. You will have to play simple matches for some time as the ranked matches need to be unlocked. To unlock them, you have to get to the private rank 2. This move is by developers to ensure that everyone plays some matches to go for ranked and get some experience while doing so. The team deathmatch is the best option to get to the rank 2. In this game mode, you only have to kill enemies, and there are no other requirements like defusing the bomb. The game features hard mechanics. You can’t shoot a gun while running. Instead, you have to stand still. There are methods to counter these mechanics in CS: GO. What else? Buy csgo skins to give your weapons a new look.

3.  Spray Recoil

If you aren’t good with shooting weapons due to recoil, the recoil is realistic in CS: GO. One of the best methods to understand the recoil of different methods is the spray method. For this method to work, choose the weapon you want to learn about and find a wall. Shoot bullets at the wall. This will show you the bullet markings of where the bullets have landed. This way, you can view the recoil of the weapon. Once you have understood recoil, learn to counter it. If the weapon goes up, bring the mouse downwards as you shoot the weapon.

4.  Play Competitive

By this time, you’ll have understood the basics of the game. It is time to try your skills and luck in the competitive game mode. There is a total of thirty rounds in the CS: GO, and the winner will be decided according to the total wins. You have to win a minimum of sixteen rounds to win a match. Learn what is the objective of the game and play with a strategy to complete the objective. You can also win matches by killing enemies, but if the bomb is already planted when you kill enemies, you’ll have to defuse it to win a round. No matter which team you choose at the start, the teams will be swapped in the fifteenth round. This is to ensure that both teams have equal opportunities.