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With the economy changing, commercial racing has been improving and making the transportation of goods more efficient and accessible in many states, cities, and countries. All of these vehicles, including the trucks, the tankers, and the eighteen-wheelers, can help with the transportation of goods from one place to another.

With that, commercial trucking does help with the employment of a lot of people. A lot of drivers, logistic experts, and mechanics do get their jobs. However, with the importance of the trucking industry, there has been a rise in accident cases.

Also, with their immense size and weight, the consequences of truck accidents are seen to be very serious and bad.

Causes of Commercial Truck Accidents

There are various factors that can be held responsible for causing truck accidents. Some of them are:

Distraction in Driving: Like every other vehicle, it has been observed that the truck drivers also get distracted. The use of a phone, listening to the radio while driving, and the GPS can actually make the drivers get distracted easily. Focusing on the size of the trucks, it can be seen that a mere collision can cause a huge accident.

Driver’s Health: Looking at the tight schedules and the long working hours for the drivers, the truck drivers can get exhausted and fatigued due to the load of work. A lot of times, the drivers, in order to meet the deadlines, are seen crossing some of the rules and regulations.

Use of Substance: Driving when a driver has done drugs or when they are under the influence can be one of the major causes of accidents. The accident that occurs because of drug abuse can cause severe disasters and can end up causing terrible injuries.

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Determining Liability in Commercial Truck Accidents

The determination of liability in common accidents when two parties are involved can get really complex. But in commercial truck accidents, there are different factors playing a role.

The Trucking Companies: A lot of times, the company that has hired the driver is held responsible for the accident. This is done in order to tell them they failed badly in recognizing the proper background of the driver and failed to check his previous records.

Truck Manufacturers:  Manufacturers or maintenance providers could be held responsible if it is determined that a mechanical malfunction was due to an engineering flaw or the collapse had been caused by impaired maintenance.

Truck Driver: Including all other factors, one of the major factors that can be held responsible for an accident due to negligence is the driver. They can cause accidents due to the distractions that they have while driving, the fatigue, and sometimes the lack of sleep.

Role of Lawyer in Trucking Liability

A lawyer can help you a lot when it comes to determining liability in the case of truck accidents. This is what they do.

Building a Case

After an accident, a wise attorney will make sure that they make their case really strong to be presented in court. For this, the first thing they do is to look for evidence that can be documented. They do document doesn’t scenes from the accident, including the vehicle damages, the effect on the road, and the conditions of the road.

They also keep a look at the maintenance of the cars and the logbooks of the drivers and keep a check on their background.

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Negotiations with the Insurance Company

The lawyers, with their skillful tactics and knowledge, can talk to the insurance companies to reach a settlement or get you the needed compensation that you deserve.

The insurance companies, in almost all cases, can act really mean, and all they think about is their profits. This can be dealt with by just hiring a lawyer who will never say yes to the first settlement.

Protection of Victims Rights

The attorneys also work hard when it comes to protecting the rights of the victims. They make their headache to make sure that the victim receives every single penny that is their right.

The victim, in the presence of an attorney, always feels safe from any kind of humiliation and gets the needed shielding that is necessary for their protection when a court trial is going on. So, in short, the hiring of a lawyer can prove to be one of the best decisions when someone is dealing with truck accident liabilities.


When it comes to truck accident liability cases, there are a number of factors that have to be looked at when you are deciding on it. It is important to hire a lawyer who can help you navigate through the legal side of things and can make the process way easier for you to deal with.