Moehair Semi-permanent colors – For those who love to switch it up without the commitment – Scooptimes

Like the changing seasons, if you love changing your hair color from time to time, load up your shelves with semi-permanent hair dyes. The slew of quirky, flirty, bold, and vibrant hair colors never gets boring. From fleeting moments to changing colors, temporary hair dyes helps with coloring hair with a new hue or shade without committing to it for longer time.

Easy to use, safe formulation, curated for DIY use, and loaded with vivid pigments – Moehair’s Vegan Voodoo Semi-Permanent Hair Paint brings a fresh perspective akin to painting an empty canvas. Here’s what makes the range ideal if the idea of permanent hair color freaks you out.

Slew of colors to try and experiment

Many vivid and bold colors create a fantastic range of Moehair’s semi-permanent hair colors. From pastel pink to electric blue to harmonious green to yellow hair dye, transform your locks with the magic of hair paints.

Moehair brings an abundance of temporary hair paints to try:

  • Pastel Pink: Paint your tresses in pastel or bubblegum pink shades and be the trendsetter. Whether you are in a holiday mood or in the mood to embrace your profound feminine spirit, pink hair color dye is an excellent choice.
  • Yellow Hair Dye – Step out in the brightest hues of yellow and wear your sunkissed tresses to their utmost glory. Yellow is trendy and bold, yet rare to spot. Be a sport and wear the yellow hue in confidence.
  • Green Harmony – Be one with nature and feel the symphony surrounding your crown with shades of green. Moehair’s semi-permanent green hair dye is easy to use, leaving your hair painted emerald green.
  • Aura Purple – Indulge your luscious tresses in the luxe hues of orchid and lavender. It’s a color crafted and created for everyone.
  • Magenta Hair Dye – Whether you want to channel your inner pop-star energy or treat your strands with luscious shades of magenta, go for the vivid color.
  • Serenity Blue – An irresistibly vivid and vibrant shade of deep blue with hints of teal, the color gets you off your Monday Blues.
  • Venetian Red – Red symbolizes feisty, fearless, and a color that possibly always stays in vogue. The brilliant shades of coppery fed let you unleash your red-hot dreams.

Lasts only for a couple of washes 

Switching hair color every week or month has always been challenging with semi-permanent hair dyes. It gives one the luxury to frequently change hair colors without committing for a longer time. The color lasts just a couple of washes until it starts fading. These colors do not alter the actual hair strand or do not penetrate deep into the shaft. They coat just the strand’s outer part, lasting up to 10 washes or less. Phobic to hair color commitment? Ride along and stock up the temporary dyes, one color at a time!

Easy to use in the comfort of home 

The velvety, creamy formulation’s ease of use makes the temporary hair colors best for DIYing hair coloring. Without going through the hassle of salon appointments and simply following the instructions, paint your strands in vivid shades. You only need protective gloves, an applicator brush, clips to secure hair, and a bowl to pour the color. And you are all set to apply Moehair’s Voodoo semi-permanent hair paint range.

Vegan range crafted with safe ingredients 

One of the highlights of Moehair’s temporary hair colors is its formulation. As much as it exudes the right vibe, its safe and non-toxic formulation makes the product stand out. The product is enriched with natural ingredients that protect hair from damage. The clean products are choreographed with clean ingredients free of sulfate, paraben, and ammonia. Infused with oil, it leaves the hair looking smoother, glossier, and stunning.

For all the right reasons, paint your hair with a riot of colors with Moehair’s Voodoo semi-permanent hair dye range. Level up, go bold in your experiments, and don’t commit to a single color when you can enjoy the whole range. Be the color you want – go pink, yellow, green, blue, and red; there is much to explore and experience.