Step-by-Step Guide to Promote Your Video – Scooptimes

You need more than just creating videos to grow your YouTube channel. You have to go beyond the basic promotional strategies. However, promoting YouTube videos effectively requires a strategic approach and consistent effort. This blog will help you know the step-by-step guide to promote your videos to increase your channel’s engagement.

How To Promote YouTube Videos By Creating A Checklist?

Promotion on YouTube helps you to reach your end goal. That’s right! You can make your videos discoverable through advertising and gain maximum views and subscribers on your channel. Here’s the YouTube promotion checklist you need to know:

1. Set Up Your YouTube Channel

Every channel needs to be set up with three essential components: the channel name, information about the channel, and the email address.

  • The channel name should be precise enough for viewers to understand what to expect from the channel’s content.
  • You might be aware, but the “About” section helps significantly in ranking your channel. The YT algorithm reviews your channel’s descriptions and tags to understand your content.
  • When your channel exceeds the subscriber’s limit, brands might try to reach out to you. You must add email addresses as it helps brands connect with you.

2. Use YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics is the most effective way to understand your videos’ performance. Monitoring your videos and creating content based on the videos that have received maximum views and engagement will improve your channel’s visibility on the result page.

3. Retain Your Audience

YouTube prioritizes your channel based on your video’s performance. If people stay longer on your video, YouTube considers that viewers like your videos. So whenever the keyword related to your videos is searched, YouTube ensures to bring your videos first in the list.

4. Don’t Miss On End Screen

The end screen is the best call-to-action you can use to direct users to your videos. This YouTube feature has the potential to boost your video’s views. YT allows customizing your end screen as per your preference.

5. Video Length Matters

Even if short videos are recommended usually, longer videos tend to perform better. Let’s say you are a beginner who wants to monetize your YouTube channel. If you want to get monetized, you must meet the YPP requirements of 3000 watch hours and 500 subscribers. Longer videos help you gain the maximum watch hours on the platform and help you meet the YPP requirements faster.

6. Focus On The First 15 Seconds

Your first 15 seconds of the video decide whether the viewer will watch the video till the end. So, the beginning of the video must be captivating and should explain the gist of the video. Create an exciting intro, introduce yourself, and prove to viewers how beneficial it will be for them to watch your video content.

7. Buy YouTube Views

Last but not least is to buy views to grow your channel faster. Multiple YouTube promotion services like VeeFly are available online, which helps to generate legitimate views and subscribers on the channel. They promote your videos using Google Ads. You can visit their site, set up your account, and buy YouTube views for your videos.


Promoting YouTube videos is a process that combines content quality, optimization, engagement, and promotion across various platforms. Following these strategies and adapting them to your specific niche and audience can increase your chances of growing your YouTube channel and reaching a wider audience over time.