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Those who have cracked the Sharepoint advantage will prefer it over all other tools for its practical features, helping them automate their daily tasks as much as possible. The same could be said for HR-related tasks as well. Thanks to the efficiency and functionality of the platform, SharePoint has been helping to make employee onboarding easy. 

But how does SharePoint help in employee onboarding? 

SharePoint is an efficient employee onboarding software that helps define roles and responsibilities. This allows the HR professionals to keep track of information provided to the new hire during the onboarding process. The software helps automate the entire process to keep receiving reminders regarding the new hires. 

Let’s dive into understanding how to streamline the employee onboarding workflow and the role of SharePoint in it. 

When your organization has a new hire, creating a proper strategy for the employee onboarding process is essential. With proper strategy and planning, you can positively impact the new hires. Keeping track of all such information manually can get complicated. Thus, using the employee onboarding SharePoint tool can ease the complex efforts. 

Here’s how you can create a proper strategy for the employee onboarding workflow:

  • Be Clear with Your Goals: During onboarding, it is essential to be clear about your goals. Always make sure to ask the right questions in terms of outcomes and success. 
  • Prepare an Onboarding Journey: Employee onboarding isn’t an overnight process; you shouldn’t expect that either. Therefore, you can use PowerPoint to create a proper user journey. Mapping out the trip for the new hire until they get settled in the organization helps to ensure that the candidate is receiving enough support. 
  • Personalize: Personalization has often made people feel welcomed and valued. So, why not do that for the new hires too? SharePoint can help personalize the experience by adding relevant job information and tailoring the workflow. 
  • Include an Orientation Program: The orientation program is often hailed on the date of joining. Thus, it forms an integral part of the employee onboarding process. During the orientation program, you must learn to introduce them to the organizational structure and workflow management. This helps the new hires become familiar with the system and process. 

Many organizations consider giving SharePoint access to new hires in the initial stages. This not only helps to streamline the tasks but also offers a great onboarding experience. 

So, how do you streamline employee onboarding SharePoint processes? Let’s find out. 

Streamlining Employee Onboarding SharePoint Process

If you want to boost the productivity of your employees from the very first stage, streamlining employee onboarding with SharePoint can be the best. Here’s how you can easily do it and give your new hires a positive experience:

  • Design a Site: You should have a central platform for the new hires where they can access the relevant information. Thus, use SharePoint to centralize the information and share various resources, forms and documents. 
  • Customize Lists and Libraries: In the respective new hire SharePoint, it is advisable to customize a list and library containing new hire documents and information. 
  • Prepare Workflow: Preparing a workflow is extremely crucial while working in SharePoint. This helps automate complex processes, assign tasks, and do paperwork to keep everyone updated. 
  • Permissions: When working on sensitive information of the new hires, it is important to manage the permissions. Only the authorized staff must have access to the onboarding process workflow. 
  • Reduce Data Duplication: Data duplication can be very complicated. Therefore, leverage the power of efficient employee onboarding software to reduce the risk of data duplication. 

After streamlining the onboarding process with SharePoint, it is advisable to review it carefully. 

Monitor and Improve Employee Onboarding Workflow

Monitoring your onboarding workflow structure can help to improve productivity. This can indeed be efficient for providing a smooth transition for the new hires. Moreover, reviewing the workflow process will help you analyze if there are negative aspects. 

It is advisable to fix the negative impacts or bugs by regularly refining the data. Furthermore, keep an eye out for the upcoming trends in the industry. Embracing tech solutions can help you to stay competitive and provide a positive experience for all. Once you’ve done so, you can leverage employee onboarding SharePoint. This can help your new hires as well. 


SharePoint can play an essential role in structuring the employee onboarding process. The structured workflow in the software will ensure that the new hires are getting a better understanding of the organization and bringing efficiency. It can be extremely helpful for businesses planning to hire new talents that will bring growth in organizational structure. 

Businesses of all sizes should start leveraging the power of HR onboarding software to bring maximum productivity. Integrating SharePoint into the employee management process helps avoid delays and errors. Undoubtedly, SharePoint can do wonders for the onboarding process and enhance the experience for all new hires.