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Serai Bandipur is an exclusive wilderness resort within Bandipur National Park and Tiger Reserve in southern India. It boasts luxurious accommodations, stunning natural beauty, and strong connections with wildlife and forested landscapes in its immediate surroundings.

Bandipur National Park is famed for its vast biodiversity, lush forests, and abundant wildlife, such as tigers, elephants, deer, and various bird species. The Serai Bandipur takes advantage of its prime location to offer guests an authentic jungle experience while maintaining high levels of comfort and luxury.

Accommodation options at The Serai Bandipur range from luxurious rooms and suites to secluded private villas that blend seamlessly into the natural surroundings. Its architecture, interior decor, and amenities showcase rustic charm while providing guests with modern comforts and amenities.At The Serai Bandipur, guests can engage in various activities that explore the natural splendor of their surroundings. Activities might include guided jungle safaris, nature walks, bird watching, and interaction with local tribal communities for insights into their way of life and culture.Serai Bandipur also offers an impressive variety of amenities designed to provide relaxation and rejuvenation, including a spa offering wellness services, a swimming pool for unwinding, and dining experiences specializing in local and international cuisine and highlighting regional ingredients and flavors. Book rooms at the Serai Bandipur for added experience.

Beauty of Serai Bandipur

The Serai Bandipur offers an exceptional combination of luxury and nature, providing an idyllic escape for guests looking to escape the urban hustle. Perfect for wildlife enthusiasts, adventure enthusiasts, or simply seeking tranquility; The Serai Bandipur strives to give visitors an experience that connects them with Bandipur National Park’s untrammeled beauty.

Nestled within the stunning Bandipur National Park and Tiger Reserve lies a haven of luxury and untamed nature: Serai Bandipur Safari Lodge. Offering an exquisite blend of luxury and nature, this retreat ensures an experience beyond compare.

Immerse Yourself in Jungle Luxury

Discover an oasis where luxury meets nature at Serai Bandipur Lodge. Featuring elegant yet rustic accommodation options – rooms, suites, and villas that blend into their surroundings beautifully; every corner is meticulously designed to celebrate rustic charm while offering modern comforts at your fingertips.

At The Serai, Bandipur National Park’s incredible biodiversity becomes your playground. Join experienced naturalists on guided jungle safaris and marvel at tigers, elephants, and other creatures roaming freely in their natural environments – offering front-row seats to nature’s most mesmerizing shows!

Savor Flavors of the Locale

Send your taste buds on an unforgettable culinary journey as you discover all that encapsulates the spirit of this region. Dining experiences at this resort combine local and international cuisines, often emphasizing its abundant produce. Experience it under the stars while listening to jungle sounds as you feast upon culinary creations celebrating its bounty.

Wellness in the Wilderness

Rejuvenate in style at The Serai’s spa! Indulge in ancient traditions-inspired wellness treatments designed to unwind, heal and reconnect with yourself – while our tranquil surroundings enhance this holistic journey.

Nature’s Playground

Beyond its jaw-dropping wildlife encounters, The Serai offers abundant activities for adventurous souls. Enjoy guided nature walks led by experts with deep knowledge about its intricate ecosystem. Engage with local tribal communities for deeper insight into their way of life and cultural heritage. From bird watching and stargazing to simply relaxing in serenity – The Serai has something to offer everyone.

Experience an unforgettable journey at The Serai Bandipur Safari Lodge; let nature embrace you while leaving your busy world behind. Be immersed in its lush beauty, luxurious comfort, and unsurpassed adventure – an adventure that becomes part of your story at every turn!

Immersive Wildlife Experiences

Serai Bandipur stands as a breathtaking testament to the harmonious coexistence of luxury and nature, offering luxurious accommodations, immersive wildlife experiences, and profound connections with the untamed beauty of its location. Set against the Bandipur National Park and Tiger Reserve, this wilderness retreat boasts unparalleled experiences that blend luxury with nature in perfect harmony.

As guests enter this oasis, they are met with a seamless combination of elegance and wilderness. Accommodations range from well-appointed rooms to secluded villas – each carefully designed to ensure that modern comforts never diminish your experience.

Bandipur National Park brings its surroundings and memories alive through guided jungle safaris, offering guests the thrilling sight of tigers, elephants, and other species in their natural environments – creating moments that leave an everlasting sense of awe and respect for nature.

Richness of the surroundings and memories

Culinary journeys at The Serai Bandipur offer a culinary adventure, uniting local traditions and international gastronomy. Dining under the starlit skies reflects this rich environment while creating lasting memories under its caressing gaze.

At this retreat, its commitment to holistic well-being is evident in its spa offerings; ancient wellness techniques seamlessly blend with contemporary therapies for optimal relaxation. Surrounded by nature’s serenity, guests find rejuvenation and renewal, experiencing relaxation organically.

Important points to note about the resort

The Serai Bandipur provides many attractive benefits that make it a sought-after travel destination, especially among those searching for an immersive blend of luxury and nature.

  1. Premier Wilderness Location: Situated within Bandipur National Park and Tiger Reserve, The Serai gives guests access to nature at its core – giving guests a thrilling wildlife experience and opportunities to witness a wide range of species in their natural environments.
  2. Luxurious Accommodations: The resort offers luxurious accommodations ranging from well-appointed rooms and suites to private villas – each designed and decorated to blend harmoniously into their natural environments while providing modern amenities and comfort.
  3. Wildlife Safaris: Serai Bandipur offers guided jungle safaris led by experienced naturalists, allowing guests to spot majestic creatures such as tigers, elephants, deer, and various bird species up close, deepening their understanding of this region’s vast biodiversity.
  4. Culinary Excellence: Dining experiences at this resort are among its greatest draws, offering an exquisite blend of local and international cuisines that appeals to guests of all tastes and preferences. Enjoy meals incorporating local ingredients while listening to jungle sounds amidst open skies!
  5. Wellness and Relaxation: Serai’s spa services feature traditional wellness practices to offer guests rejuvenating treatments designed to ease tension. In its serene environment, guests can unwind and reconnect with themselves, enabling a refreshing and revitalizing experience.
  6. Nature Activities: Beyond safaris, the resort provides various nature-focused activities, such as guided walks, bird watching, and stargazing. These provide opportunities to learn about ecosystems, engage with local communities, and appreciate nature’s beauty in an area.
  7. Cultural Insights: Interacting with local tribal communities provides insights into their way of life, traditions, and cultural heritage – creating a greater appreciation of humanity’s connection to nature.


Serai Bandipur is not just another destination; it’s an invitation into nature’s splendor. A perfect blend of luxury and wilderness, this sanctuary invites travelers to disconnect from modernity and reconnect with wild rhythms – an indelible mark on every visitor. More than just an accommodation option, Serai Bandipur embodies journey, connection, and rediscovery within nature’s web of connections. The resort  rooms at the Serai Bandipur are furnished well for a good experience.