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A complete package for all your educational needs.

Epadho.com is a new portal to answer all your queries about studying abroad from the comfort of your home. Epadho is an online IELTS portal which is aimed at helping students and professionals prepare for IELTS from around the globe with ease.

“Considering the fact that IELTS has become a cardinal requirement to qualify for the immigration process, we observed that many had to forego their dream or wait too long owing to the language barrier” says Guntaas K. Chopra, founder at Epadho.com. “Epadho in its entirety tries to help those preparing for this exam to be able to do so in their comfort zone without sacrificing their daily routine.”

Guntaas K. Chopra has been very passionate about wanting students to have the choice of studying at flexible timings and at a place of their choosing. Epadho had been in the pipeline for such a long time and the pandemic brought out the perfect opportunity for this product to test its limits. Once she decided to go live with this project, there was no stopping her. Guntaas K. Chopra, with her team, took the product to the screens of 1000+ students and saw the heights this product attained. From a small conference room where the core team sat and brainstormed for days on end, to a platform which Guntaas K. Chopra now heads with so much pride, Epadho is now at the service of millions wanting to fulfill their dreams of going abroad.

Features and benefits of Epadho include:

  • Online availability of expert trainers at a time of your choosing. The ease which is offered due to this enables any person, from any corner of the world to study whenever, wherever.
  • The live classes are a cherry on the cake. Students can attend classes online where pre-decided lectures on IELTS and grammar are delivered.
  • Live speaking sessions make the student get a real feel of how their speaking can be conducted.
  • Live discussion sessions are regularly scheduled to help students stay connected and clear their doubts.
  • This portal gives access to CD IELTS and pen and paper based writing practice, unlike other portals.
  • Chat option availability with teachers gives students the opportunity to interact about any module with their teacher if they do not want to book a speaking/discussion session.
  • 24×7 technical support guarantees a smooth experience for the user.

Epadho is now live and ready to help you study and become a catalyst in fulfilling your dreams, with packages starting as low as Rs. 3499/-. For more information on Epadho visit: https://www.epadho.com/.