Ukraine war: Volunteer tries to source tools and weapons for country’s soldiers | World News


The war in Ukraine is entering its fourth month and sourcing tools and weapons is more vital than ever, a military volunteer says.

Seva Goshel, 40, is a company chief executive who is used to delivering food and medical supplies to the troops.

In the latest Ukraine War Diaries omnibus podcast, the Kyiv resident offered a glimpse of how the soldiers are preparing for a protracted war, along with their concerns and changing needs.

He said: “It is already three months since the war started and it is getting more and more difficult to raise some funding, and our guys constantly need it.

“Guys on the frontline are really grateful for any help.

“They only say to me they need more and more weapons from the European Union and from the United States.

“You know the war is becoming very routine. It’s very difficult to say ‘what did you do last week?’.

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“I was driving, I was buying new Quadrocopters, thermal units… we have also brought to the guys, to make their lives easier, stuff like gas stoves, axes and chainsaws, and so on and so forth.”

He added: “My wife has bought a 40-year old mini-bus and together with my father in law, we took it to the frontline to soldiers who really needed such kind of transportation, because they need to put in the bus some technical stuff for special operations against Russian invaders.”

The Ukraine War Diaries podcast features Mr Goshel’s stories as well as those from others, to give listeners an insight into daily life in a war zone.


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