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When it comes to the issues touching on home security, you should invest in the right locks that ensure safety and convenience. As a homeowner, you must conduct market research and choose the best company that supplies the most secure and trusted locks. The challenge faced is choosing the right digital locks in the market for your home. The advancement of technology has led to the development of different types of locks with various features, such as touchpad controls, fingerprint readers, and in-built sensors. The following are some of the best digital locks for your home security.

Godrej Space Tek Pro Digital Door Lock (3 in 1 access)

Space Tek Pro digital door lock (3-in-1 access) is one of the best digital locks created and designed using modern technology. The lock has the capability to provide unparalleled safety features for your security solutions. The lock has various features, including three-in-one access with 360-degree fingerprint recognition.

Additionally, the lock has password access, mechanical key functionality, and OTP. Based on the mentioned features, it is guaranteed that this is one of the best digital locks to invest in when it comes to maintaining the security of your home. A lot of innovation and creativity is involved in designing the Space Tek Pro digital door lock that provides you with an advanced security system that would meet your home safety needs. Some of the features are as follows:

· Fingerprint Features

360-degree fingerprint identification will help you and your household unlock and lock the doors whenever anyone wishes to open the lock. The system is designed so that once you register it, the lock can recognise over fifty fingerprints at any angle.

· Digital Keypad

The Space Tek Pro digital door lock, is equipped with a highly responsive keypad that supports a seamless user experience. When it comes to the issue of passwords and hacking, the lock can support between four to twelve digitals that help you enhance the strength of the password you set. Lastly, it allows you to register up to four unique pins for locking and unlocking it.

· Mechanical Key

In case of any emergency, for instance, a case where you forgot your password or the system develops an error code in reading the fingerprint, you can use the high-tech EXS mechanical key to open it.

· Auto Locking

The Space Tek pro digital door lock is designed so that immediately after you shut the door, the three locking deadbolts used in the system will automatically come out to reinforce the door and helps you in getting rid of the locking hassle.

Godrej Catus Touch Pro Digital Lock (3 In-1 Access)

Catus touch lock is one of the best in the market to consider when you wish to upgrade your home safety. The lock has three-in-one access, and it is also considered one of the most affordable digital locks that can keep your home safe from intruders. It is a touch lock system and is one of the safest locks for you, as there will be no chance for intruders to duplicate your key. The Catus touch lock gives you room to access the door through a password biometric, which uses 360-degree fingerprint recognition. The lock is designed with advanced pro safety features and provides you safety for your home at an affordable price.

Godrej Cactus Touch Plus 4 in 1

Keyless all the way, this electronic lock enables door access through password biometric access with 360-degree fingerprint recognition, RFID card and mechanical key. Empowered with advanced pro-safety features, the Godrej Cactus Touch Plus 4 in 1 digital lock lets users enjoy the very best in technology while going easy on their wallets.

Godrej Advantis Revolution Digital Lock with 4 in 1 Access

Among the best digital locks with technological advancements that will blow you away, the Advantis Revolution Digital Lock with 4 in 1 Access augurs well for the main door with 4 in 1 access of biometric and 360-degree fingerprint recognition, RFID card, pin code and mechanical key. With 3 strong bolts, this electronic lock stands at the cutting edge of home safety and its fingerprint identification capability ensures both easy usage as well as enhanced protection.