Met Police officer Jonathon Cobban and ex-PC Joel Borders jailed for 12 weeks for sharing offensive messages in WhatsApp group with Sarah Everard’s killer | UK News


A Metropolitan Police officer and his former colleague have been sentenced to 12 weeks in jail for sharing grossly offensive messages in a WhatsApp group with Sarah Everard’s killer.

Met constable Jonathon Cobban, 35, and former PC Joel Borders, 45, were were found guilty of the offences back in September.

The pair were found to be members of a chat group called “Bottle and Stoppers”, along with Wayne Couzens earlier this year.

Couzens is currently serving a whole-life sentence for the kidnap, rape, and murder of 33-year-old Ms Everard in March last year, while he was working in the police force.

In the group, Cobban and Borders were found to have swapped messages about tasering children and people with disabilities, and which referred to Hounslow as a “Somali s*******” in 2019.

In an exchange on 5 April that year, Borders wrote: “I can’t wait to get on guns so I can shoot some c*** in the face!”

Cobban responded: “Me too. I want to taser a cat and a dog to see which reacts better. I think the cat will get more p***** off and the dog will s***. I wanna test this theory. Same with children. Zap zap you little f******.”

In the same month, Borders joked about raping a female colleague, who he referred to as a “sneaky b****”.


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