Prince William and Kate ‘not shying away’ from cost of living crisis | UK News


The Prince and Princess of Wales are focusing on the cost of living crisis as they look to revamp royal visits to create a “lasting impact and legacy”.

Sky News has been told the rising economic pressure faced by many people has become a key focus for William, Kate, and the team at their Royal Foundation, with a source saying: “The cost of living crisis is a lens through which they’re now looking at their work.”

A visit to Scarborough later will see the Royal Foundation pilot a “Community Impact Day”, showing how it can use its profile to help organisations in deprived areas secure long-term funding.

The move has been prompted by the royal couple’s desire to have more of a long-term impact on the places they visit, with an intention to follow the progress made in helping some of the most vulnerable in society.

While it is understood William and Kate are mindful of their own privileged position, Sky News was told that “they are not shying away from the issue” of the rising cost of living and are keen to “support the hard-pressed” in “parts of the country that need a light shone on them”.

During their engagements in North Yorkshire they will hear how the Royal Foundation has been working with local organisations to increase funding for groups supporting young people’s mental health. Mental health, homelessness and supporting families have been the cornerstones of their work for some time.

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Two wards in Scarborough are among the 10 most deprived places in England, with many facing challenges in terms of unemployment, poverty and lack of opportunities for young people.

Jan Garrill, chief executive of the Two Ridings Community Foundation, has been working with the Royal Foundation and will meet the couple.

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She believes the impact of rising living costs will cause more damage than COVID-19 in the long term for many families.

She said: “Cost of living I think is – and I’ve talked to other charity leaders in our region – worse than the pandemic, and others are saying that.

“It’s going to last longer and it’s also worse because it’s coming on the back of the pandemic.

“And I think the biggest challenge now is that the organisations are still dealing with increased demand from COVID.

“People are still vulnerable as a result of that.

“Cost of living is bringing more demand, and there’s less of a funding response.”

‘It’s a poverty pandemic’

Emphasising the need for more help, she added: “There will be excess deaths as a result of this.

“You know, it’s as stark as that, and there will be children growing up in families who have the spectre of poverty over their heads, and that will have an impact both on their physical wellbeing but also their mental wellbeing.

“I mean, I’ve been using the phrase: it’s a poverty pandemic.”

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What next for William and Kate?

But she was keen to point out the boost that has come from working with the Royal Foundation to bring in more funding, and the importance of the royal visit for celebrating the positive work going on.

“That focus on place and people is great for us. It amplifies what we do in a way,” she said.

Since they took on their new titles as Prince and Princess of Wales, and Prince William became the direct heir to the throne, there has been an increased interest in whether it would change the way they work.

It’s understood the Royal Foundation is planning other “Community Impact Days” next year across other areas of their work. Those could include homelessness and supporting families with young children.


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