12-year-old Boy Kills Friend Over Rs. 250 Cricket Match Bet – Scooptimes

In a shocking incident, a 12-year-old boy from West Bengal, Howrah district, killed his friend over Rs. 250 cricket match bet. The body was found on April 22 (Saturday).

The accused and the victim had bet on the result of the cricket match but it led to mishap after the accused refused to pay the money even after losing the match.

Kanhaiya Paswan, the father of victim’s explained the whole story, how his son was killed mercilessly.

“They had bet Rs. 250 on the match. My son won the bet and demanded the money. But he (the accused) refused to pay the amount.”

“He then brought my son to a nearby garden and beat him up mercilessly. He then smashed my son’s head with a brick. My son became senseless. Then he throttled him,”Kanhaiya Paswan said.

Later, the 12 year old victim attempted to hide his crime. After that he dragged the body to a nearby jungle to hide the dead body.

The victim along with one of his peers was interrogated for a long time by the local police before one of the boys confessed the crime. “One of the boys broke down and confessed the crime,” the police said.

“I won’t get my son back. But the killer must be punished,” Kanhaiya Paswan said.