Apple decreased iPhone 5s pricing to Rs. 24,999 – Scooptimes

Apple has decreased the price of iPhone 5s edition to Rs. 24,999 from Rs. 44500. iPhone 5s, the most popular smartphone which sold in India in 2015.

For the third time since September 2015, Apple slashes the price of iPhone 5s from Rs. 44500 to Rs. Rs. 24,999. Retailers told Economic Times, “This is interesting since iPhone 5s has been their best seller in the Indian market and companies seldom drop prices such frequently for popular models,” he said.

Reportedly, Apple iPhone 5s accounts for almost 50% of total iPhone sales in the country. It is believed that Apple’s price cut of iPhone 5s is part of its strategy to build a stronger portfolio in the mid-segment smartphone market. The report points out that retailers claim that the iPhone 5s accounts for almost 50 percent of total iPhone sales in India.

The iPhone 5s has a 4-inch retina display and is powered by A7 chipset – based on 64-bit PC architecture. There’s a co-processor called M7 for motion sensing activities. The phone has an 8MP, dual LED flashlight, and a rear back camera that can record 720p HD movie in 120fps.

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