Hundreds of elephants and zebras die during drought in Kenya | World News


Hundreds of animals have died in Kenyan wildlife reserves in East Africa’s worst drought in decades, according to a report.

The Kenya Wildlife Service counted the deaths of 205 elephants, 512 wildebeests, 381 common zebras, 51 buffaloes, 49 endangered Grevy’s zebras and 12 giraffes within the past nine months.

It comes after four consecutive seasons of drought in parts of Kenya over the past two years have taken a drastic toll on people, animals, and livestock.

Some of Kenya‘s most popular tourist destinations – including the Amboseli, Tsavo and Laikipia-Samburu reserves – have suffered most, the report states.

The carcass of an elephant that died during the drought is seen in the Shaba National Reserve, in Isiolo county

The authors have called for an emergency aerial census of the wildlife in Amboseli in order to determine the scope of impact that the drought has had on animals living there.

Other experts are suggesting the urgent delivery of water and salt licks in the worst-affected regions.

Andrew Letura kneels next to the carcass of an endangered Grevy's Zebra, in Samburu national park
Andrew Letura kneels next to the carcass of an endangered Grevy’s Zebra, in Samburu national park

Elephants for example can consume up to 240 litres (63.4 gallons) of water a day, according to Jim Justus Nyamu, executive director of the Elephant Neighbours Centre.

For Grevy’s zebras, specialists advise increasing provisions of hay.


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