Netherlands: Boy, four, called ‘a new Max Verstappen’ after taking mother’s car for joyride | World News


A four-year-old boy has been likened to F1 star Max Verstappen after taking his mother’s car for a drive in the Netherlands.

Police in the city of Utrecht said the child crashed into two parked cars and was found alone by a bystander walking around in his pajamas and bare feet on Saturday.

The child had taken his mother’s car keys, “to go for a drive”, after he had woken up on Saturday when his father went to work, according to police.

On Instagram, the force said they had discovered a “new Max Verstappen” and that no one was hurt in the incident.

Police contacted the boy’s mother and while he spoke to her on the phone, the boy gestured steering a wheel which led police to think he may have been driving.

Taken to the scene, the child was asked if he knew how the car worked.

Police said he opened the car with the keys, put the key in the ignition and went to the clutch with his left foot and stepped on the gas.

“Fortunately, the adventure of this mini-driver ended with a bang”, police said.

Pic: Utrecht police
The boy crashed into two parked cars and was found alone by a bystander. Pic: Utrecht police

The child was checked by paramedics and taken to a police station where he was given a hot chocolate and asked where he was from.

Max Verstappen is the current Dutch world champion Formula One driver.

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