Pakistan start favourites vs under-pressure India : Sunil Gavaskar – Scooptimes

Sunil Gavaskar on Thursday picked Pakistan as the favourites against India in the marquee match of the ICC World T20 to be played at the Eden Gardens on Saturday.

India had a very bad start in the first match of the T20 World Cup 2016 against New Zealand while Pakistan thrashed Bangladesh in their opening game.

Gavaskar said,“After the loss to New Zealand, India will be under far more pressure against Pakistan. I feel Pakistan start as favourites for the game on Saturday.”

“It is still pretty much Indian batting versus Pakistan bowling. However, with the way Indian bowlers have performed recently, they also won’t be easy to tackle either. Ashwin (Ravichandran) is bowling well and so is Nehra (Ashish), ever since he has made a comeback. Then you have Jasprit Bumrah. So it will be a test for Pakistani batsman.”

He added,“Having said that, it only takes an over and half to turn the game around in T20.”

“Hopefully, Rohit (Sharma) and others know that unlike many other left arm pacers, Amir has the ability to swing the ball back. Rohit and Rahane were found wanting against him in Asia Cup. So they have to careful for the first couple of overs and once you are set, there is always an opportunity to score,” said Former Indian Team captain Sunil Gavaskar.

For the record, India have never lost to Pakistan in a world event while Pakistan have never lost to the hosts at the iconic Eden Gardens.