Russian bid to host Euros in 2028 is thrown out | World News


Russia has been disqualified from the Women’s Euros and UEFA has classed its bid to hold the men’s Euros in 2028 and 2032 as “ineligible”.

Portugal will take the place of the Russian team in the competition this summer.

UEFA’s latest ruling means the UK and Ireland’s joint bid to host the Euros in 2028 is only rivalled by Turkey, which has also declared its interest in hosting the competition in 2032.

The governing body of European football confirmed the decision as “one of several” relating to the “ongoing suspension of Russian teams and clubs” from its competitions.

It also ruled that Russia will not be allowed to play in UEFA club competitions next season.

This means they are barred from the Champions League, Europa League, Europa Conference League, Women’s Champions League and UEFA Youth League.

The announcement means the country’s men’s team will not participate in the Nations League either, which starts next month, and will automatically face relegation from League B.

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Russia, which has been suspended from UEFA since February, will also be barred from playing any further matches in qualifying for either the Women’s World Cup in 2023 or the 2023 European Under-21 championships.

The decisions are the latest in a series of bans implemented by the sporting community over the Russian war in Ukraine.

St Petersburg has already been stripped of its hosting rights for this season’s men’s Champions League final, which will now be played at the Stade de France later this month instead.

Russian and Belarusian tennis players have also been banned from competing at Wimbledon this summer because of Putin’s “unjustified” war in Ukraine.


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