Top 10 Bedroom Sets for Your Home – Scooptimes

Top 10 Bedroom Sets for Your Home – Scooptimes

After a day full of work and daunting tasks, who wouldn’t even love to go home and rest in one’s bedroom?  A bedroom that doesn’t just give you comfort but soothes relaxation at the same time.  In today’s time, bedrooms take on higher level by adding extra furniture that gives it a touch of gloomy yet inviting ambiance.  To be able to achieve this scenery, one must complete this 10 bedroom sets.

  1. Bed – As bedroom is all about giving comfort, the primary furniture that every homeowner should have in this area is a bed. You can opt in a Guest bed, Divan bed, Ottoman bed, Sleight bed, Bunk bed, Cabin bed and many more. Keep in mind that quality, functionality, durability, size and storage should be on top first before the design.  Budget may be a factor as well but there are best buys that one should not spend a fortune.
  2. Chest of drawers – The bedroom is where most of our clothing, personal items and accessories are usually stored. A good way to store these is by using chest of drawers. Unlike any closet, these chest offers storage for clothing that are folded rather than hung.  These are very helpful because it keeps the organization, cleanliness and easy access of items very easy.  There are basically two styles that you can choose.  You can go either with the classic or the contemporary.
  3. Nightstands or Bedside table – This is a piece of furniture that one shouldn’t miss on this list. It is for the reason that it serves as convenient furniture where lampshades can be placed and we will no longer have to turn on that light. Nightstands also have drawers that allow easy access to things that we frequently use.
  4. Dresser with mirrors – When it comes to versatility, dressers are your top notch choice. Dressers can act as a decoration and a functional piece at the same time. It can hold jewelry, make up, and various personal items including ornamental elements like photos.

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  5. Mattress – A bed can’t be called one if it doesn’t have a mattress on top of it. As a good night’s sleep depends on how good the mattress is, it is important to know what to look for before buying one. Some aspects to look into are the mattress types, sizes, and as well as firmness.
  6. Pillows – You’ve got the perfect bed and mattress yet there’s still something missing. Of course, one should invest in pillows. From design to sizes, you will be overwhelmed with choices.  Whichever you choose put comfort as the indicator and you won’t have any regret.
  7. TV stand or console – Televisions today, even those that can be hang on the wall can still be placed on a TV stand. Aside from placing your television set, these stands act as a display area for photos, books and other small items. There is a huge selection of these stands to choose from.
  8. Wardrobe Armoire – Though chest of drawers are as helpful in keeping the clothes organized, there are still clothing that we don’t want to be folded such as formal attire. Wardrobe armoire keeps your clothes protected from harmful environment.
  9. Jewelry Armoire – Women have lots of jewelries that boxes no longer give enough storage. So, as a solution, one should invest in a jewelry armoire. They do not just elevate the atmosphere of the bedroom but also benefits the collection of jewelry one have.
  10. Blanket racks – Last but not the least is a blanket racket. Although this may not be a necessary addition, it is still suggested to have one in your bedroom. Do you know why?  It is simply to make your blankets organized and readily available when you need them.  Most blanket rackets are made of wood.

These ten bedroom sets are just as simple as they can be.  Though buying these can be different for every homeowner, the results are still fulfilling in the end.  So, before you head out and start purchasing, be sure you have this complete list.  If I missed out on anything that is as important as what I have cited already, feel free to add up.

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