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Here is the complete list of Airtel Super Singer 5 Juniors Top 10 Contestants. The fifth season of Junior Super Singer reaches with top 10 contestants. The competition among these best contestants of the season getting heavier every week. Catch all action on every weekend in Vijay Television from 7.30pm.

Airtel Super Singer 5 Juniors – Top 10 Contestants

1.) Monika – SSJ01

2.)Harikaran – SSJ02

3.) Dhanush – SSJ03

4.) Prithika – SSJ04

5.) Gowri – SSJ05

6.) Arjun – SSJ06

7.) Bhavin – SSJ07

8.) Sajani – SSJ08

9.) Merudhula – SSJ09

10.) Pallavi – SSJ10

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Below is the social media article about top 10 contestants from fan page Super Singer Season 5 Juniors Super Singer Season 5 Juniors:

Classical Gowri, Emotional Harikaran, Exciting Monica

First The Singing, And then about the shocking Result!

The three kids who lit up the stage the recent weekend with their brilliant singing.were Gowri with the crystal clear voice and thrilling voice modulations, Harikaran with an emotional and measured rendition of a devotional gem and Monica with an energetic and mature top class performance. From a sheer musical angle these three were the ones in the top of the table. It was sad to see that the classical and brilliant performance of Gowri was not accorded the 4 STARs but one other performance, which was no match to this youngster’s singing was goven 4 STARS!

BHAVIN & PRITHIKA who are again inherently very good singers, were not in their usual form. Bhavin apparently is struggling with the breaking voice and for Prithika it was a new genre that she was not used to. Neverthelessm both did remarkably well. Prithika showed the change from one genre to another so strikingly. I wish both of them good luck with their current struggles. I am sure they will come out flyingly.

DHANUSH & ARJUN were again not in their elements in this round. Still both of them performed admirably.

PALLAVI & SAJANI are still very young children. Just allow Pallavi’s voice to shed its babyishness and get more mature. At that time I am sure she will be a wonderful singer to listen to. She is already very intelligent and understands the nuances of the song. The musicality and diction needs to gradually settle down. We need to wait.

Sajani should be allowed to practice the singing part and get better at it. She is being unnecessarily dragged towards boisterous entertainment. That is a wrong way to go. May be she is a good talent whose music should be allowed to grow first. In this round the Judges’ yardstick for Gowri (3 Stars) and for this kid were by no means the same!

Now, let us come to MRIDULA. By no means she is the 10th ranker out of these 10 kids. Her voice and singing puts her in the TOP 6 or 7. The decision to eliminate her is a shocker. She did not deserve it. May be there is a slight nervousness in her. May be she is by nature very reserved and tends to be in a shell. But her voice is lovely. And her singing brings a beautiful aesthetic feel. She should have been earmarked for TOP 6 or 7 and during that time she should have been given notice to bring in more confidence, feel, energy and excitement into her delivery of the songs. She is way above quite a few kids in this list in her melodious and mellifluous singing!

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