Wolves to be shot with paintballs in the Netherlands to make them less tame | World News


Park rangers in the Netherlands will be allowed to shoot wolves with paintballs in an effort to make them less tame.

The Dutch authorities are concerned the wild animals are getting dangerously close to humans.

Local officials in the eastern Arnhem province hope that the tactic will encourage wolves to stay at least 100ft (30m) away from people.

The use of paintballs will also make it easier for rangers to identify which ones have been hit, a spokesperson added.

The decision was made after a video showing a wolf strolling towards an anxious family with young children in a national park circulated on social media last week.

Faunabescherming, an animal protection association, has accused the park’s owners of deliberately feeding the wolves, which makes them more at ease with humans.

Seger Emmanual baron van Voorst tot Voorst, the director of Hoge Veluwe park, denies the allegations and has previously said the animals have no place in the country.

There are at least 20 adult wolves living in the Netherlands, including a pack and two pairs in the park, according to a report in June.

Some 16 pups were born this summer, a further report indicated.

Wolves are generally afraid of humans, making their behaviour in the park highly unusual.

Only park rangers will be allowed to fire paintballs at the wolves, officials said.


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