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The holiday season is upon us, and for bourbon enthusiasts, there’s no better way to count down the days to Christmas than with a Bourbon Advent Calendar. Each day, you have the opportunity to savor a different bourbon, but why stop there? To elevate your advent bourbon calendar 2023 experience, we invite you to explore the delightful world of pairing bourbon with chocolate. In this guide, we will take you on a journey through the art of pairing these two beloved indulgences and provide you with tips, tricks, and delectable pairings that will make your December evenings even more memorable.

The Harmony Of Bourbon And Chocolate

Before we delve into the pairings, let’s understand why bourbon and chocolate make such a harmonious duo. Both bourbon and chocolate boast complex flavor profiles, with a range of notes and aromas that can complement and enhance each other. Here are a few reasons why they go hand-in-hand:

Complementary Flavor Profiles: The caramel, vanilla, and oak notes in bourbon often harmonize with the sweetness and richness of chocolate, creating a balanced and enjoyable taste experience.

Contrast And Complexity: Bourbon’s spicy and smoky notes can provide a delightful contrast to chocolate’s sweetness, adding layers of complexity to your palate.

Shared Terroir: Many bourbons are produced in regions where cocoa beans are also grown, creating a natural synergy between the two products.

Now, let’s explore the art of pairing bourbon with chocolate and the different ways you can do it.

Bourbon And Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate, with its rich, intense flavors, is a classic companion for bourbon. The bittersweet notes of dark chocolate can complement the sweetness and depth of bourbon, creating a well-balanced pairing. Here are some suggestions:

  1. High-Cocoa Dark Chocolate (70% Or Higher) With Wheated Bourbon: – The high cocoa content balances the sweetness of a wheat bourbon, such as Maker’s Mark or W.L. Weller, creating a harmonious pairing.
  2. Dark Chocolate Truffles With A Spicy Bourbon: – The smoothness of dark chocolate truffles can mellow the heat of a spicy bourbon like Bulleit Bourbon Rye.

Bourbon And Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate is a crowd-pleaser with its creamy and mild sweetness. Pairing it with bourbon can be a delightful experience, especially if you enjoy a smoother, sweeter combination. Here’s what to try:

  1. Milk Chocolate-Covered Bourbon Cherries With A Bourbon Cream Liqueur: – The bourbon-soaked cherries and creamy liqueur harmonize perfectly, creating a dessert-like treat.
  2. Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Bar With A Wheated Bourbon: – The nuttiness of hazelnuts in the chocolate pairs wonderfully with the soft, wheat-forward profile of bourbons like Maker’s Mark or Larceny.

Bourbon And White Chocolate

White chocolate, while technically not chocolate (it contains no cocoa solids), has a unique sweetness that can complement the bold flavors of bourbon. Consider these pairings:

  1. White Chocolate And Bourbon-Infused Coffee: – Brew a cup of bourbon-infused coffee to enjoy alongside white chocolate for a comforting, warm pairing.
  2. White Chocolate Raspberry Truffles With A Fruit-Forward Bourbon: – The fruity notes in bourbons like Four Roses Single Barrel or Buffalo Trace can enhance the raspberry flavor in these truffles.

Bourbon And Chocolate Desserts

Take your bourbon and chocolate pairing to the next level by incorporating them into decadent desserts. Here are a couple of indulgent ideas:

  1. Bourbon Chocolate Bread Pudding: – This rich dessert combines bourbon-soaked bread with a chocolatey custard, creating a heavenly pairing with your bourbon of choice.
  2. Bourbon Chocolate Fondue: – Melted chocolate infused with bourbon makes an ideal dipping sauce for fruits, marshmallows, and other sweets, enhancing your bourbon-tasting experience.

Tips For The Perfect Pairing

Now that you have a range of bourbon and chocolate pairings to explore, here are some additional tips to ensure a perfect tasting experience:

Temperature Matters:

Serve your bourbon neat or on the rocks at the right temperature (typically around 60-70°F) to fully appreciate its flavors.

Choose Quality Chocolate:

Opt for high-quality chocolate with well-defined flavor profiles. Artisanal or single-origin chocolates can be especially rewarding.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with different bourbons and chocolates to discover your favorite combinations. The possibilities are endless!

Cleanse Your Palate:

To make sure you fully enjoy each pairing, clean your tongue with water or plain crackers in between tastes.


The art of pairing bourbon with chocolate is a delightful journey of discovery and indulgence. As you savor your way through your Bourbon Advent Calendar this holiday season, take the time to explore the magic that happens when these two beloved treats come together. Whether you prefer dark, milk, or white chocolate, there’s a bourbon pairing waiting to be uncovered. So, gather your favorite bourbons, chocolates, and perhaps some friends for a tasting experience that will add warmth and joy to your festive celebrations. Cheers to the harmonious combination of bourbon and chocolate – a true holiday treat for the senses.