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A prominent name in the luxury watch segment, the Tissot brand has been operating since 1853. Originally from Le Locale, Switzerland, 

Tissot watches are known for their exclusive craftsmanship and advanced features! Establishing innovation ahead of time. 

Back then, Tissot watches started operating with the monumental pocket watches for men in gold. Most importantly, the pocket watch featured two time zones, an exclusive operation no other watch contemporaries could perform. Over time, the watch brand had its own share of ups and downs, introducing the world to the modern-day Tissot variants for ‘him’ and ‘her’.     

10 Latest Tissot Watches That You Must Check

Stepping into the present day, the company has introduced new watch designs. Each one portrays unique features, performance and style! Below, you will find some of them. 

1. Tissot Sideral S Powermatic 80

The Tissot Sideral S Powermatic 80 perfectly fuses modern craftsmanship with a vintage vibe. In the watch, you see a 41 mm forged carbon case and a vibrant yellow strap, reflecting the essence of the iconic 1970s style. If wondering if it’s for him or her? This Tissot variant is a unisex style that anyone can add to their trousseau.  

2. Tissot PRX Digital

The Tissot PRX Digital watch piece is a thoughtful blend of the iconic digital quartz and  1978’s PRX design. If you are someone who loves the retro vibe, then this is the one to settle for. You can go with the 35mm and 40mm PRX Digital dial range in gold, silver and grey. Compared to other Tissot watches, this one, in particular, portrays the brand’s journey over time! A tribute to the past and a toast to embrace the future.    

3. Tissot Seastar 1000 40MM

As prevalent from the watch’s name, the Tissot Seastar 1000 40MM is the ultimate performer on land and underwater. This can be a fulfilling gift for those into water-based sports and training. A hugely versatile case design and a water resistance certification of 1,000 feet make this the ultimate go-to. Adding to the great list of features is the application of Super-LumiNova® to the watch’s hour and minute hands, which enhances low-light visuality.   

4. Tissot Chrono XL Classic

Choose the Tissot Chrono XL Classic when you are in for a statement piece. The watch is defined by a large dial case measuring 45 mm. Besides the regular authenticity and comprehensive features of other classic Tissot watches, this one portrays an exclusive chronograph function. Further, you can opt for a metal bracelet or a vintage, old-fashioned style in the strap design.   

5. Tissot Bellissima

Available in green, brown, black and metal strap variants, the delicate Bellissima, among the other Tissot watches, will never let you go out of style! The particular is a special creation intrinsically crafted for your big days. A part of the T-lady collection, this watch type has a synthetic strap with leather details, an anti-reflective & scratch-resistant dial and water resistance up to 165 ft. A perfect wear for all-season and daily wear.  

6. Tissot Everytime 

Among all the other Tissot watches, this is a classic stainless steel wonder with a round dial design. The watch face has these indexes instead of the conventional numbers from 1 to 12, and all are coloured in golden, offering the right visibility against the white dial. This watchpiece will suit your style if you are a minimalist and love keeping it simple. Further, features like water resistance up to 165 ft and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal case add to its exclusiveness.   

7. Tissot Heritage 1938 Automatic COSC

For the old souls living in the modern world, the Tissot Heritage 1938 Automatic COSC is the perfect way to rediscover the 1930s charm. The watch’s sandblasted dial is highlighted with embossed Arabic-style numerals, resonating with the easter year’s vibe. The best part is that you get COSC-certified 2824-2 movement with the watch, certifying consistent accuracy! Finally, there is a leather strap, which assures both comfort and style.   

8. Tissot PRX Automatic Chronograph 

This watch will introduce you to the 21st-century features packed in a vintage Tissot case from the 1978 era. Also, you get a satin-finished steel dial featuring the 1970s laid-back style! Which is the ultimate satisfaction for every watch fetish. Further, the cherry on the cake is the Valjoux A05.H31 calibre, powering the watch style with the ultimate consistency and an extended 60-hour power reserve.   

9. Tissot Chemin Des Tourelles Powermatic 80 39 MM  

This one in the latest range of Tissot watches gets its name from the streets of the Swiss mountains, the home of the watch brand. Here, you see a smooth, round, carefully domed sapphire crystal dial faceted with Roman numerals. A comprehensive symbol of ageless modernity offering accurate time. The most exclusive part about the watch is that it comes with the Nivachron Powermatic 80 feature enabled. A comprehensive mechanism that delivers 80 hours of consistent movement and all day of anti-magnetism. 

10. Tissot PRX

This is the analogue version of the Tissot PRX digital. Particularly for the ones who love the traditionally numbered dial rather than transitioning to a digitalised watch face. Also, when you are not an accessory person, this watch style is the perfect choice for occasions requiring extra effort. Its grey form and slim design will blend seamlessly with all dress types, regardless of occasion and time.     

Easy Tips To Take Care Of Your Tissot Watches

These tips will make your watches last long:

  • Always store your watch in its dedicated box, away from the Sunlight, dirt and pollution. Also, make sure to wipe your watch with a dry cloth after coming back home from outdoors. This will eliminate all the sweat and grime from the watch surface, making it last longer.
  • Do not wind your watch while wearing it, as the particular action requires you to tilt the crown side of the watch up. This creates extra pressure on the stem, and eventually, it will bend or break in the long run. 
  • Even if your watch says it’s water resistant, avoid wearing it outside on rainy days. Every watch has a defined limit until it can resist the water penetrating into the innermost parts.    


Tissot, as a brand, puts forward customer satisfaction over everything. For generations, it has always focused on innovation beyond time. You can buy Tissot watches to be a part of all those exclusivities and everything within style.