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The concept of floor beds predates Dr. Montessori’s educational method. However, when providing recommendations for creating a comfortable, safe, inspiring, and stimulating environment for children, Maria Montessori herself suggested using this type of bed for children of all ages, from infants to teenagers.

What Makes a Floor Bed the Best Option for a Child’s Healthy Sleep?

Regardless of the specific model of floor bed for baby you choose for your child, it is guaranteed to be the best investment in your child’s healthy sleep. Initially, the bed’s side barriers ensure that your child sleeps safely without rolling out of bed uncontrollably. Later, you can remove them, allowing your toddler to use the bed independently. This significantly eases the transition from a crib to a regular bed and helps your child feel safe and protected, leading to deeper and more restorative sleep.

Advantages of Wooden Floor Beds for Infants

  • The wooden construction is sturdy and reliable, making it suitable for many years of use.
  • The bed’s side rails effectively prevent the infant from rolling off the mattress during sleep. When the child is awake and playing, the bed transforms into a convenient playpen.
  • Wood is a natural material that is safe for a child’s health. The bed’s sturdy frame securely supports the mattress without creating hazardous gaps between the mattress and the bed’s base.
  • Montessori floor beds are available in various intriguing designs, ensuring that you will find a model that captivates your toddler’s interest!

So, Montessori floor beds for infants and toddlers are the ideal choice for ensuring a child’s healthy sleep and development. With low height and safety features, these beds promote independence and exploration while providing a secure sleep environment. By following safety guidelines, you can create a comfortable and safe sleeping space for your child, allowing them to enjoy peaceful, restorative sleep.

What to Consider When Choosing a Floor Bed?

When selecting floor beds, the age of the child should be your primary consideration. For instance, small cribs and playpens are excellent choices for newborns. Toddlers, on the other hand, need more freedom of movement as they actively explore the world around them. Therefore, when choosing a model for children aged three and up, you can focus on larger-sized options, with removable or no side barriers, allowing your child to choose a design that appeals to them.

School-age kids are better off with slightly larger beds that can “grow” with them. The Montessori bed range offers both standard full-size models and king-size options, where your child can sleep comfortably in any position they prefer. While selecting the right size, also consider the dimensions of the room. Determine where you want to place the bed and how much space you can allocate for it based on the layout of the child’s bedroom.

Safety Guidelines for Using a Floor Bed for Infants and Toddlers

The foremost safety rule is to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding assembly and use. Even if the bed appears visually sound, periodically inspect all fastenings, rails, and the bed’s structural foundation. If you notice any defects, no matter how minor, repair them promptly. In terms of child safety, even the smallest details matter significantly.

Since a floor bed encourages independence in your children, it is essential to ensure the room is free of hazards. Install socket covers and window locks, remove electrical appliances and sharp objects from their reach, and keep small items out of their access. Make sure that even if your child wakes up earlier than the parents and leaves the bed, there are no dangers or risks awaiting them in the room.


With a Montessori floor bed, you can provide your children with the most valuable gift: healthy and safe sleep. The key is to choose the optimal bed option and adhere to all safety measures. With this approach, your child will grow up in a comfortable and inspiring environment, which will serve as an excellent foundation for developing new valuable skills.