42 Year Indian Woman gave birth to 11 babies – Scooptimes

42 Year Indian Woman gave birth to 11 babies: Maria Hernades of city Indianas gave birth to 11 babies last month. Hernades suprised Doctors and Doctors described it as a complete miracle and it also a world record. What was quite wondering that throughout the gestation period of 38 weeks she carried the babies with full health and help from a health enthusiast hub.

They were even nick named with ‘Eleventh Wonder of the World’. In such cases, the babies have mostly died within a few minutes of their birth. But in this case all were born healthy. The doctors were amazed to see the wonder before them.

“We could not stop the babies from coming out,” said Dr. William Roberts. “They literally came out one after another. From the time the first baby came out, and the 11th baby was born, it was only 17 minutes.”

Hernades and her husband say they had trouble conceiving so decided to undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF), desperate to become parents. Much to their surprise, they got much more than they had hoped for. Six of the 11 boys are said to be identical twins all weighing in between 1 pound – 1.5 pounds.