Top 5 Teams with least defeats in Test in 2016 – Scooptimes

Top 5 Teams with least defeats in Test in 2016: We have witnessed many Test matches this year. But only few teams have managed to impress us with their performance. Here we collected the list of Top 5 Teams with least defeats in Test in 2016. Check out:

West Indies – 4 matches

West Indies has played 8 Test matches this year but managed to win only one Test against Pakistan. They lost 4 matches and 3 matches was drawn.

Sri Lanka – 2 matches

The Sri Lankan cricket team has played 8 matches and managed to win 5 matches. They played the Test series with England, Australia and Zimbabwe this year. They had lost 2 matches and drawn 1 match against England.

South Africa – 2 matches

South Africa has played 8 matches and 3 series this year. They played against England, New Zealand and Australia and managed to win 4 tests out of 8 tests they played. They lost a match against England and another one against Australia.

Bangladesh – 1 match

Bangladesh Test Team has played 2 matches this year against England. England won the first match and Bangladesh won the second match of the series. Hence, They have won 1 match and lost 1 match this year.

India – 0 match

The No.1 test team has played 12 matches (3 series) this year. But they never lost a single match in Test in 2016. They have played the series against West Indies, New Zealand and England. They drawn 3 matches (2 vs WI and 1 vs ENG) this year.